About Us

At Robsons Cleaners Guildford we value the traditional, straightforward way of doing business – something not many companies still practice today. We appreciate our customers and consider them our most valuable asset. We stay away from the usual hit and run service approach, which unfortunately has become common practice for many companies these days. Instead of applying profit-hungry business practices which are anything but satisfactory to customers, we keep people happy and coming back for more through punctuality, professionalism and attention to detail. Our cleaning services are designed with customers in mind and aim to cover all requirements, even the seemingly insignificant ones which actually make all the difference.

We want to provide people with the right service at the right price and leave them with money to spare and a smile, so contact us. So far we have been able to do just that through working with highly skilled, dedicated cleaning technicians who go about their duties with professional pace, precision and efficiency. Our cleaners are courteous, well-mannered and carry out their work with the least amount of disruption.

For us as a professional service provider, it is essential to retain existing customers and draw new ones. We make this possible through offering large choice of cleaning solutions, delivering consistent, and industry standard cleaning results without margin for error. Our dedication, professionalism and down to earth service approach have made us the preferred cleaning professionals in Guildford. Definitely an achievement to be proud of, this is also a great responsibility and commitment toward our customers which we are going to upkeep.

Turn to us and enjoy professional grade cleaning services minus the usual hefty price tag or margin for error. We will expertly handle all cleaning requirements, no matter how basic or elaborate thus providing the standard of cleaning people expect and require for their money.