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Robsons Cleaners

Robsons Cleaners

Robsons Cleaners is professional cleaning service provider, offering a wide range of general and special-purpose property cleaning solutions to private and business customers in GU1 area. Our qualification and service expertise allow us to deal effectively with anything from basic house cleaning to comprehensive commercial property cleaning treatments, as well as various technical cleaning services for those specific occasions.

Industry standard cleaning results, no margin for error – our guarantee!

We understand that substandard results and error have no place in our professional grade cleaning services, this is why we have made sure that our customers get exceptional quality cleaning in all cases.

  • We employ specially trained and qualified cleaning technicians who have the required skills and expertise for the job;
  • Our cleaners are organised in highly efficient teams in order to complete all cleaning chores within the agreed amount of hours, without any costly delays;
  • We train our cleaning teams in the safe and efficient use of advanced, industry grade cleaning systems – this reduces cleaning time and yields consistent results, without risk of damage;

Ecofriendly cleaning treatments – green is good!

In order to reduce the environmental toll of our work, we adhere to a couple of basic, yet effective policies which have served us well so far.

  • We do not use toxic cleaning products or aggressive solvents in our daily work;
  • We implement a strict minimum water and resource waste policy on all jobs;

Extensive selection of versatile and convenient cleaning solutions – freedom of choice!

In order to ensure end to end coverage of all cleaning requirements our customers may have, we maintain and provide a wide range of cleaning solutions fit for almost any purpose, budget and occasion.

  • Various domestic cleaning options – the quick, efficient and inexpensive way to keep the house clean and fresh whenever and however required;
  • Professional commercial property cleaning – cost-efficient cleaning solutions that will have any office, workplace or establishment cleaned to an industry standard finish;
  • Steam cleaning services – a range of specialised steam (and dry) cleaning services suitable for many different purposes, use of industry grade steam cleaning equipment;

For optimal cost efficiency, we supply all customers with individually prepared quotes and custom tailored pricing, able to meet specific budget needs. We are the reliable and punctual professional cleaners in Guildford, at your disposal seven days a week.

Borough of Guildford in Surrey was formed in the nineteen seventies by a merger of two former administrative divisions.  Its principle settlement and only town is Guildford. The borough council responsible for governing Guildford has many functions, one of which is to look after and preserve the borough’s many historical and cultural assets and monuments. Some of the better known ones are Guildford Castle, along with a number of museums renowned galleries and civic insignia. Out of the eleven districts that make up Surrey, Guildford is the second most populous, with census data showing that pretty much half of the population lives in the town of Guildford – the principle settlement of the borough. Large portions of housing in the district are borough owned.

Our Best Services

Carpet Cleaning

Affordable and effective steam cleaning treatment, safe for all types of synthetic & natural fibre carpets. Removes soiling, lifts stains, cleans down to carpet base layer, work performed by qualified technicians.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Vacating tenants should take full advantage of this fully comprehensive cleaning treatment, delivering industry standard cleaning results in all rooms and areas of the rental property. Service can be altered as per specific requirements.

Oven Cleaning

Specialised oven cleaning suitable for all oven models, including self-cleaning ones. No use of aggressive solvents, can be performed on regular basis. No risk of damage to appliance coatings or features.

Domestic Cleaning

Affordable, efficient and versatile. Work done by experienced domestic cleaners, no use of toxic/aggressive cleaning products, service open for customisation. Excellent value for money, convenient booking hours, week round availability.

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Other Services

Home Services

House Cleaning

Comprehensive house cleaning at excellent prices. Work done by experienced house cleaners using nontoxic cleaning supplies, service can focus on high traffic and/or heavy duty areas of the property. Week round availability.

Cleaning Services

Extensive selection of domestic and commercial cleaning services available as one off or on fixed schedule basis. Use of industry grade cleaning systems, work carried out by qualified cleaning technicians.

Spring Cleaning

Comprehensive cleaning treatment to freshen up the place for spring and summer. Can be customised as per specific needs/preferences, no use of toxic cleaning supplies, delivers outstanding results all round.

One Off Cleaning

Versatile and inexpensive service to keep your home or office clean and fresh with minimum fuss and no hassle. Convenient booking hours, week round availability, can be made to include additional options as per individual needs.

Home Cleaning

Keep your place clean and fresh at all times with our budget-friendly home cleaning service, available as one off or on fixed schedule basis, the service is genuine value for money and delivers industry standard cleaning results throughout.

Driveway Cleaning

Pressure washing suitable for all types of driveway surfaces, will not affect grip properties, effectively removals built up, mould, chemical staining, residue etc. Cannot be performed on driveways with structural damage.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Use of mild solvents, removes soiling and stubborn stains, suitable for both natural & synthetic fibre carpets, will not affect texture or comfort properties. Reduced drying time – same great results!

Hard Floor Cleaning

Professional cleaning solution, effective and safe on most types of hard floors including tile, marble, terracotta, concrete, natural stone, clay, brick etc. Use of professional cleaning systems – no risk of scratches of clouding.

Kitchen Cleaning

Specialised service, also available as commercial kitchen cleaning, can be requested on fixed schedule basis, use of industry certified, heavy duty disinfectants delivering immaculate hygiene and perfectly sanitised environment throughout the kitchen.

Commercial Services

Office Cleaning

Professional office cleaning service available as one off or on customer specified basis, convenient booking hours, minimum disruption to daily office duties, can be altered as per customer preferences. Good value for money.

Window Cleaning

Safe and efficient window cleaning, available as one off or on regular basis. Use of industry certified cleaning products and equipment, no risk of damage or injury, best performed in fair weather.

Commercial Cleaning

Specialised commercial establishment cleaning delivering industry standard results throughout, flexible booking hours, work done by professional cleaning technicians. No risk of damage or costly delays, also available on fixed schedule basis.

Floor Cleaning

Efficient and affordable floor cleaning treatment, suitable for all types of non-hard flooring surfaces, will not affect grip properties, can be secured on fixed schedule basis, excellent value for money.

Professional Services

Sofa Cleaning

Efficient steam cleaning treatment, suitable for all types of natural & synthetic sofa finishes, cleaning done onsite, no risk of alterations to texture or comfort properties, effective stain removal & antibacterial treatment.

Rug Cleaning

Professional rug cleaning at excellent prices. Will not affect rug colours, texture etc. Removes soiling, stains, bacteria, cleans deep inside the rug delivering lasting hygiene you can see and feel.

Upholstery Cleaning

Specialised steam cleaning treatment safe on delicate upholstery fabrics, removes stubborn stains, odour and bacteria. Will not affect colour fastness or fabric dimensions, no need to remove upholstery from furniture.

Professional Cleaning

Professional cleaning treatments – guaranteed results. No margin for error, wide range of options to choose from. Services available as standalone or as part of a comprehensive cleaning package. Work done by qualified cleaners.

Deep Cleaning

Perfect to freshen up the place after long periods of disuse or cleaning neglect, can be made to focus on specific rooms and areas of the property, delivering immaculate hygiene where it’s needed most.

Curtain Cleaning

Specialised steam cleaning for delicate curtain fabrics, will not affect colours or dimensions, does not reverse sunlight damage, will remove stains, soiling and pungent odours, also available as dry/restorative cleaning.

Mattress Cleaning

Steam cleaning for mattresses – removes stains, odour, insect eggs, bacteria, cleans deep beneath mattress top layer, delivers lasting hygiene, and cleans effectively on all sides of the mattress, all cleaning done onsite.

Patio Cleaning

We are the patio cleaners you need and look for. Call us today and we will treat your patio the way it deserves. On top of that – we will do it quickly, easy and on an affordable price.

Other Services

After Party Cleaning

Thorough and efficient cleaning solution, available as pre and/or after party cleaning, also covers rubbish collection and removal duties. Can be made to focus on high traffic/heavy duty areas of the premises.

Ironing Services

Professional ironing service in the comfort of your own home, qualified and vetted housemaids, flexible service hours, also available on regular basis, can be done using customer provided ironing equipment.


Efficient and affordable gardening service covering all sorts of general, specific and seasonal gardening chores, specialised tree maintenance and low maintenance garden packages also available, best done in fair weather.


Reliable and discreet babysitting service, providing much needed peace of mind to busy parents. All babysitters over twenty one, have undergone stress & psychological liability testing, will present valid company/picture ID upon arrival, good short notice availability.


Professional catering service at excellent prices, end to end coverage, wide range of menu options to choose from, including vegetarian dishes, use of high quality local & imported ingredients/products, extensive wine/beverage selection to accompany menu choices.


Residential & commercial property removals minus the hefty price tag and margin for error, comprehensive coverage of requirements, additional options can be included, work done by qualified removal teams, specialised transportation of items.


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